Internship opportunities are available at all 3 locations.

Goals and Objectives

  • The goal of the internship program is to expose interns to outpatient physical therapy, pre and post physical therapy fitness programs, sports conditioning, personal training, athletic training and other wellness programs. Cape Cod Rehab is a family friendly, non-intimidating company that places a high emphasis on customer service and evidence based rehab, conditioning and training procedures.
  • The internship will expose interns to therapeutic exercise used in rehabilitation of surgical and non-surgical clients, orthopedic and sports injuries of all types as well as clients with complications from medical problems, balance problems, cancers, obesity, arthritis and many other disease processes.
  • The internship will also expose interns to fitness programs for healthy individuals looking to improve their general fitness or improve their sports performance. The intern may participate in off-site conditioning programs or sporting events.

Interns should be currently enrolled in an accredited university program pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, Sports Management, or a Pre-Physical Therapy Specialization. Click here for more information on the internship requirements.

Email your completed internship application, your resume and cover letter to

Intern Testimonials

"All of the therapists made it a very welcoming environment in which I wasn't afraid to approach them if there was something I didn't know or didn't understand. The knowledge and skills I learned as well as the friendships that I made, with the therapists, aides, and the patients, made this internship an incredible and invaluable experience for me. Thanks for this opportunity!"

-Kim, Summer Intern

"I was given a lot of freedom to find opportunities and take advantage of them. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly and certainly made the experience far better than ever anticipated."

-Kyle, Summer Intern

"Cape Cod Rehab is a very unique internship experience. I love the staff! I felt like one of the team; everyone is always smiling and this attitude is definitely reflected in our patients and members."

-Nikki, Summer Intern

"The encouraging atmosphere and hands on experience allowed me to understand what it takes to be a physical therapist. I could not have imagined a better internship"

-Chelsi, Summer Intern

"It was a great work environment with friendly staff that was supportive of one another as well as the interns. Through my interactions with staff and patients this summer, I was able to learn a lot about physical therapy as a profession reassuring me that this is the career I’d like to pursue."

-Amber, Summer Intern

"This experience was fantastic. The staff and clients were all great. I learned so much and was able to make a connection between what I have been learning at school and the real world."

-Catie, Summer Intern

"This internship allowed me to see what makes both a clinic and an individual physical therapist successful and the importance of hospitality and treatment that patients receive from every single employee on the Cape Cod Rehab staff. Without question, this internship has given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful Cape Cod Rehab employees I hope to use as primary mentors moving forward with my studies and physical therapy career."

-Chelsea, Summer Intern