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Need Physical Therapy but can’t make it to any of our facilities? We are now offering TeleHealth appointments!

Cape Cod Rehab is taking steps to stay in touch with our patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our offices are open and are seeing our patients who would regress or have worse problems by having to put their care on hold.

We are following all CDC guidelines and extra precautions to ensure a safe environment, but if you would like to meet with us Virtually instead we are excited to now offer that option.

Virtual appointments may be done both through video conferencing, via telephone or other means. You can meet Virtually with one of our Physical Therapists from your home or office. The PT will give you instructions and send you a video link of the exercises via text or email.

If you are in pain or having limitations from an injury or following surgery we can help you now. In person and hands-on is our usual and preferred method, but we are finding the Virtual sessions effective and very worthwhile.

Call any of our offices for information on a Virtual or in person appointment. No need to wait until the virus threat has subsided. We can help you today!

Call or text 508-477-4800 to schedule.